Course Entertainment

San Diego is bursting with talented musicians, and every year we are honored to partner with local bands and entertainers who play a vital role:  to encourage, entertain, and inspire our participants as they pass by.  If you are interested in being one of our official course entertainers, or would like to learn more, please contact

2014 Official Course Entertainment

91 oct
 91 Octane

Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. & Breakwater
91 Octane is San Diego's hottest cover band guaranteed to bring the energy and get the crowd dancing, playing songs from the 80's with a punk rock vibe.  91 Octane is extremely versatile with a huge song list. They are authentic and energetic, with extremely talented musicians whose seasoned experience can cover any event.


Arab Spring Reverb
Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Cannon Park

Surf music is California's authentic folk music, as New Orleans has jazz , and Chicago has electric blues. Arab Spring Reverb play surf music in the traditional style; thunderous drums,rumbling Fender bass and reverbed guitar as wet as a head high wave. The all instrumental BIG BEAT with exotic yet familiar melodies and the sound of rock and roll. TWANGY-PERCUSSIVE-DYNAMIC.....

Arab Spring Reverb will have you doing the Surfer Stomp!

 bell pepperz  

Bell Pepperz
Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. & Tamarack

Playing jazz and pop standards, the Bell Pepperz combine the classic sounds of yesterday with contemporary classics reworked in their own inimitable style.  Ron Ebel on sax, flute, harmonica, keys and vocals is superbly complimented by Jamie Dixon’s drum stylings and vocals.


BREEZ'N - San Diego's Variety Band

Course location:  Marron in front of Olive Garden

BREEZ'N, San Diego's variety dance band, has been performing in the San Diego region for public, private and corporate events since 1995. Our wide variety of music and styles makes BREEZ'N an ideal fun choice for all occasions and all ages. We typically  customize special events such as Weddings, celebration and other public, private and corporate events.

 broken silence

Broken Silence
Course location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Hidden Valley Rd.

Broken Silence is a Alternative Rock, Metal, Punk Rock, and Pop-punk band.  We are inspired by many bands from different genres, we play our own original music and sometimes covers. We met in Middle School and we're all from National City, CA. Our band consist of:
Abi Gaspar as Lead Guitarist/Vocals
Daneli Paiz as Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Vicente Tellez as Drummer
Eddie Murillo as Bassist


Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Sequoia

The Flounders are from Encinitas and have been performing since 2001. Louie and Mike Shook are brothers that play fresh arrangements of covers from the 60's to now along with original songs. Being brothers, their voices bring a unique fusion to the music, creating magical harmonies.

 island sounds  

Island Sounds
Course location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Avenida Encinas

Island Sounds is Keith Marzullo (Hawaiian slack key guitar) and Gerry Rahill (ukulele).  They have been playing together since 2004 and are both marathon runners.  Their accompanying hula dancers are always a big hit and you can count on them being back this year!

 jason lee  

Jason Lee & Friends
Course location:  Laguna at State St.

Jason Lee - born Jason Lee Beckwith - has been performing for over two decades,
across the nation with various bands,
from tributes to Kiss, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and The Black Crowes, to singing and drumming with various original bands. From acoustic stuff, to heavy rock, to electronic groove funk, there's a little something for everyone.

 johnny c

Johnny C.
Course Location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Grand Ave.
Johnny C. has been performing in the North County coastal area in San Diego California for about 8 years. He went out on his own as a solo performer in late December of as 2014 rings in...well,what a journey it's been!

He currently lives in Cardiff by the Sea and has been an avid runner for 34 years. He finds most of his inspiration at the ocean with his guitar in tow, or on a relaxing run along the beach.


Kendra Barry
Course Location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Island Way

Kendra Stepenuck and Barry Allen of Kendra Barry have both been surrounded by music for a cumulative 50 years. Both being a musician, singer, songwriter and actor, they are best known for their fun and original dynamic stage presence.

Kendra Barry performs in venues all across the country and is in the midst of recording two new singles which will be released in 2014. Kendra Barry dreams of bringing their music to the world in a process that brings aspects of a masculine and feminine quality together in a unique way the incorporates many different genres of music. In the meantime, this duo are your direct connection to fantastic entertainment and the most professional musicians in the industry that will help you create memories of a lifetime!
Contact Barry for booking at 702-355-0787.

 ladies love outlaws

Ladies Love Outlaws
Course Location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Yarrow

Ladies Love Outlaws are a Rockabilly band out of Carlsbad California. The band is made up of three high school friends with a love for music from the 50’s to 80’s, who's style has been described as "..Rockabilly for the New Millenium.."  Their youthful energy, musical synergy, upbeat original tunes and classic cover songs make Ladies Love Outlaws a top pick for all age groups.

 loose gravel

Loose Gravel
Course Location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Poinsettia
Loose Gravel began playing together last summer and is a kid band that can really rock!  The home grown band formed at Dailard Elementary School in San Carlos and has performed on stage at the House of Blues as well as local farmers markets. Loose Gravel members are 9-year old Chet Breister (vocals, guitar, bass, keys), 11-year old Claire Sutliff (guitar, vocals, bass), 11-year old Nina Breister (drums, bass, vocals, violin), 11-year old Ryan Urban (drums, vocals, bass) and 11-year old Heather Nelson (guitar, keys, bass). From classic rock to reggae and alternative rock, their youthful energy and eclectic style are sure to entertain. Thanks for having us at the 2014 Carlsbad Marathon!


Martin Storrow
Course location:  Finish Line Festival

Most comfortable with a harmonica in his pocket and a piano nearby, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Martin Storrow was hailed by former JVibe Magazine as "revolutionizing" acoustic music. Martin's most recent full-length album, California Songs, is the artist's exploration of a life in paradise and the complications that come along with it. Throughout his career, Martin has always humbly proven himself as an artist, and we are honored to have him join us again at our finish line festival!


Meir & Santiago from Todo Mundo
Course Location:  Carlsbad Blvd. & Chestnut
odo Mundo (“All the World”), who’s Organic Fire was voted “Best World Music Album” at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards, blends the musical flavors of Rumba, Reggae, Samba, Gypsy, and other South American and Caribbean rhythms into an irresistible groove that has been moving dance floors and connecting with audiences throughout North America, South America, and Europe.

The band is known for their high energy performances, which are led by singer and guitarist Santiago Orozco, a native of Colombia. Todo Mundo’s unique mix of world rhythms and danceable songs has helped them to appeal to people of all ages and ethnicities.


Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Beech St.
OneFitjam! Is the evolution of fitness that brings a party to every event. Jam and have a great time to live DJ, performers and of course RunMC everybody’s favorite Race Emcee. If you pass by theOneFitJam! on course location with a little extra pep in your step and a little more glide in your stride just chop it up to having the OneFitJam! experience!


Course location: 
Palomar Airport Rd. at Paseo del Norte
QUEL BORDEL! was founded in San Diego in 2013 when a Ukrainian gypsy named Jakovich Skolnick met renowned classical violinist Regina Brown on a French Caribbean cruise line. Adding two Filipino brothers Aaron and Allen after meeting on a sordid fishing trip, the band came to America and enlisted drummer Nick Sitar to form an insanely energetic gypsy band of the world. Immediately beginning with an year-long residency headlining Gaslamp venue Jimmy Love's, QUEL BORDEL! has built a great following in San Diego. The band has headlined gigs at The Casbah and House of Blues Mainstage, and performed at the Get Shamrocked festival with the Young Dubliners and Dublin City Ramblers - all in under a year. The new EP "Qui Ne Chante Pas..." is receiving rave reviews and blowing up with with indie blogs. Likewise, the band has nationally touring dates scheduled through 2013 and an international tour slated for 2015 opening for French gypsy phenomenon BandápArt in Europe!!


Roar Like Me
Course location:  Jefferson at Marron
Roar Like Me formed in early 2013 and consists of five very different individuals who harbor a passion for all things metal. Our mission in life is the bring heaviness back to the forefront of the music scene while maintaining a powerful groove that will keep people on their feet.

 rusty gait  

Rusty Gait

Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Cerezo
Rusty Gait is a San Diego North County band focused on Bluegrass, Swing and Old Time music. The name of our band connotes both an old rustic metal gate and a dance gait, both swinging with a bit of a creak. Our eclectic set list delights with foot-tapping rhythms and long-forgotten lyrics to fiddle tunes (“fiddle songs”).
James Rust- Mandolin and tenor vocals in an old-timey way.
David Collins Fun-loving fiddler that likes to sneak a little jazz and swing into the old tunes

Kevin Wallace- Hooked on the 5-string banjo in the early 70’s, he plays Bluegrass as well as Latin and Irish music.
Lance Gucwa- Multi-Genre performer who brings powerful, driving bass lines combined with tasteful infusing of classical and jazz influences.
Bill Frisbie- Obsessed flat-picking guitarist and song writer strongly influenced by Doc Watson.

 school of rock  

School of Rock
Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Avenida Encinas
School of Rock is the national leader in music education for kids from age 7 to 18.Our House Band is an audition based performance group made up of our most accomplished students. They perform year round at a number of festivals and events around San Diego county.

 section 8

Section 8
Course location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Camino Vida Roble
Section 8 is more than a lifestyle, it's a band. It's more than a band, it's a legacy, which began many years ago. Through friends, coworkers, and lovers, Section 8 is comprised of the most talented and generous group of musicians this side of San Bernardino. Section 8 is here to rock your face off, and give you the most solid, and cohesive rock cover experience of your life. They are not your every day cover band. They try to keep it modern. While you will hear some classic hits, this is your not run-of-the-mill Journey/Jessie's Girl/Little Pink Houses cover band. They keep the show rockin, and make song selections sure to keep you on your feet.


Semisi & Fula Bula
Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at Carlsbad Village Drive

When Semisi mixes Polynesian rhythms with any style of music he takes a liking to, he calls it “Bula Music” The word “bula” is a greeting from Fiji. The San Diego-based musician feels that combining traditional elements of his native music with other styles adds new vitality and depth. So far, the songs that have undergone this transformation are diverse Rock, Reggae, Calypso, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop and folk songs have all been used. The idea is open to any style and, in fact, the trial and error involved in super imposing them is half the fun.
Semisi Ma'u directs his versatile group keeping his traditional Tongan rhythms as a foundation.  He writes, arranges and performs music with an ever-changing line-up of musicians.

 simple green

Simple Green

Course location:
Avenida Encinas at U-Turn
Straight from Encinitas, California, this one of a kind roots, rock, reggae band joined together to perspire plenty of positive vibes yet also, to question society’s deepest controversies through their music. With inspiration deriving from the beach, nature, relationships, girls, suburbia, school, and the “system,” Simple Green keeps the flow of new music coming. Their name was discovered during band practice when someone glanced around the garage, spotted the cleaning product section, and suggested: “Simple Green?” With over 2 years of experience under their belts despite still being in high school, Simple Green has not just established itself as a relaxing yet rebellious reggae band, but also as a musical intervention that sends a message.


Course location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Palomar Oaks

Tecoxovichi named after the Great Aztec warrior that fights for true love. The heart is driven to the point of desperation. Only the smooth sounds of Tecoxovichi can ease your heart and soothe your pain.
Rocking out in Spanish all around San Diego.



The Bigfellas
Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at NRG

The Bigfellas is known through local TV, radio, club and festival appearances as being a humorous band with their golf rap “On The Green,” toe-tapping originals and their often-absurd live shows. They’re a fun band and don’t mind letting you know it. They’ve kept marathoners moving for years at the Carlsbad Marathon and love every minute of it. 

Chix shifters pic

The Chicken Shifters
Course location:  Carlsbad Blvd. at La Costa

During the grim 1950’s when Britain was still recovering from post war blues - four cheeky, young lads from Liverpool, with an eye for the big time, took to busking and with a steely determination were convinced they had the talent to make records.  In just a couple of years from producing their first demo record in 1963 they became the most famous musical men on the planet.  The Chicken Shifters don't play any Beatles music, but if you run fast enough, the lead singer kind of looks like Ringo!

justice fire

The Justice Fire
Course Location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Armada Rd.

The Justice Fire is a 4 piece Alt-Rock/Indie band from San Diego, CA, who met in a different project called The Paper Dolls. Sosam jams on lead guitar, while Jules rocks the bass and sings as well. Together they have come together under the insane and witty lyricism of "Madera Sun," and have shocked and awed people across the internet. Joined by the bluesy-pop  singer, Angela Alvarez, they continue to carve out their own genre of rock/alt music. Rules were meant to be broken.


The Orbitrons
Course Location:  Palomar Airport Rd. at Aviara Parkway
The Orbitrons were formed several years ago in Oceanside with Kelly Daoust (lead guitar) and Rick Rhoades (rhythm guitar), and, a love for guitar instrumentals and "Surf" music.  Brian Borchard (bass guitar) was next to join followed by drummer Mark Burt.
They've played many clubs in San Diego county. Also, Summer fun on the 101,  Surfin Sundays at the Huntington Beach Pier, and benefits to support both the California Surf Museum and the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum .
Find the Orbitrons on Facebook, Reverbnation, and Youtube.
Contact for booking: 619-253-4574

 tiffany jane

Tiffany Jane and The Kicks
Course Location:  Jefferson at Las Flores
Tiffany Jane and Paul Castelluzzo are thrilled to be a part of the Carlsbad Marathon entertainment.  Tiffany Jane was the winner of SD County Fair's first Musicpalooza and has had wonderful opportunities presented from there, such as, being a coach on MTV's Made episode "Kenna", winner of best blues artist LA's AI Music Awards, made her debut album "Love Stories" available on iTunes, etc... She has teamed up with a group of incredibly talented musicians. Paul Castelluzzo on guitar and co writer ( lead guitarist in SDSU big band and jazz composer/musician) The two of them have a full band "Tiffany Jane and The Kicks" that gig out all around town.  They just got back from a full band US tour.